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Where to Find Us & When

Farmer's Markets

Walnut Valley Farmer's Market

Winfield, KS

June to September


7:30-11:00 a.m.

Ark City Farm & Art Market

Ark City, KS

June to September


4:00-7:00 p.m.

Store Front

Griggs Bros. Farm Market

311 W 7th Ave.

Augusta, KS

-Closed for the season-


Prairie Blossom Nursery

El Dorado, KS

WB Meats

Ark City, KS

the Farm

In 2010, founder Todd Griggs, decided to return to farming family land as he recognized the need for locally produced food. Originally, the land was used for several years to support a truck garden and farm stand business run by his grandparents, but much of the land was sold to develop the surrounding city of Augusta. Yet, by 2010, enough land remained to allow for the family industry to start back up. Beginning with 2,500 tomato plants on two acres of open land, Griggs was able to gain a foothold in a rising industry. However, there was room for much improvement in growing processes, crop maintenance, and plant output. By working with the local county extension agent and by attending various workshops across the country, Griggs was able to continue developing the farm and improve production processes.

Two years later, the first high tunnel (plastic-covered hoop house) was installed in order to extend the growing season and protect crops from rough Kansas conditions such as direct sun, hail, and wind. Crop output increased dramatically, and several high tunnels followed in the coming years.

Years of trial and error has shaped what Griggs Bros. Farms has become today. Now, the farm is operating from around eight total acres of land and includes twelve functioning high tunnels. While some of the land is located in Augusta, the farm also utilizes land located outside of town.